UL Research Institutes creates a materials discovery research institute; Appoints Dr. Stuart R. Miller as Senior Vice President and Executive Director of MDRI

NORTHBROOK, Ill., September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — UL Research Institutes today announced its expansion to create the Materials Discovery Research Institute (MDRI)a new center of excellence for materials science safety. dr. Stuart R.Miller was named Senior Vice President and Executive Director of MDRI.

“Through our new Materials Discovery Research Institute, we aim to identify and address new risks in materials technology and address emerging human health needs while supporting the safe, fair and fair of new materials in the world,” said Terrence R. Brady, President and CEO of UL Research Institutes. “Dr. Miller is the right leader for these ambitious plans. He brings extensive scientific experience and important team leadership to MDRI, supporting our ongoing efforts to increase the scale and reach of UL’s research institutes. “

MDRI will continue its research to understand how changes in the chemical composition and structure of materials can help solve today’s global security challenges. As part of its broader security science efforts, the institute aims to address environmental resilience and sustainability through the development and deployment of new materials and devices based on these materials. MDRI’s mission calls for reducing or eliminating the harmful effects of humanity’s dependence on fossil fuel resources and enabling an energy transition to renewable and sustainable sources by advancing materials technology and performance. MDRI is the fifth research institute within the UL enterprise, joining the Chemical Insights, Digital Intelligence Safety, Electrochemical Safety and Fire Safety research institutes.

As inaugural Executive Director, Miller will lead the MDRI vision, oversee the institute’s internal research, and expand collaboration with key academic and institutional research partners. His team will also be responsible for continuing education and engagement on the topic of materials safety with policy makers, manufacturers and consumers, ensuring they make informed decisions on adoption and implementation of specific technologies.

“Through MDRI, we are working to create and better understand the advanced materials that will help solve today’s complex risks to public safety, including the urgent challenge of producing energy resilience for a sustainable future,” said said dr. Christopher J. Cramer, Research Director of UL Research Institutes. “Dr. Miller’s considerable expertise in materials science innovation and problem solving will help us accelerate fundamental materials discovery.”

A recognized leader of interdisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers, Miller held various positions at Honeywell UOP for more than 10 years before joining the UL Research Institutes. Most recently, Miller worked as a senior executive and principal scientist, leading Honeywell UOP’s energy storage group. While at Honeywell, he established several labs that enabled all aspects of battery development. Earlier in his career, he worked in research at the UVSQ in Francewhere he was also a postdoctoral researcher.

“Each research institute within the UL enterprise is known in the scientific community as a center of research excellence, and I am honored to be the senior vice president and executive director of the Materials Discovery Research Institute,” said said Miller. “I look forward to joining the leadership team at UL Research Institutes as we dig deeper into the ways we support our mission to work for a safer world.”

Inventor or co-inventor of more than 30 U.S. and foreign patents, Miller is co-author of 24 peer-reviewed journal articles and one book chapter. Miller holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Dundee in the UK, where he graduated with honors, and a PhD in Materials Chemistry from the St. Andrews Universityalso in the UK He is from Scotland.

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