The Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo organizes a theatrical performance entitled “Egypt’s Word on Water”

On the occasion of Egypt’s hosting of the World Climate Summit COP27 and the meeting of leaders from all countries of the world to agree on how to intensify global action to solve the climate crisis , the Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo, directed by Davide Scalmani, hosted a theatrical performance entitled “Words of Egypt on Water” by Samira Kirollos.

Davide pointed out that due to COP27, Egypt will be at the center of global attention in the coming months. He also added that the show deals with the stories of the Nile from the Pharaonic, Islamic and Greco-Roman eras, because Egypt is the gift of the Nile, the main source of water which is a precious gift that everyone must respect. and preserve.

The show was attended by Brazilian Ambassador Antonio Patriota, Argentinian Ambassador Eduardo Varela, Opera Ballet Director Erminia Gambarelli and many other representatives of the Egyptian cultural scene as well as distinguished guests.

Dr. Samira Kirollos performed “Egypt’s Words on Water” which includes three monodramas that underline the urgency of our active participation in the preservation of the precious drops of water with which nature has endowed us.

‘The Shipwrecked Sailor’, a Middle Kingdom story that pits optimism against pessimism, followed by ‘The Source of the Nile’, a story of obsession and determination set in the 11th century Islamic era century and ends with the tragic Greco-Roman story of Isadora of Hermopolis (Tuna el Gabal), a tale of two cities and young loves ending with a text inspired by Italo Calvino’s “Invisible Cities”.

Samira Kirollos is a world famous actress and writer whose works have been published. She was born in Egypt and has lived in London and the United States as a student and researcher. She trained as a ballerina and violinist, and also studied acting.

Although she is fluent in several languages, she presents her performances in English, French and Spanish.

Over the past thirty-seven years, Samira has presented countless theatrical performances in schools, universities, museums, libraries and theaters in Egypt, England, France, Latin America, the United States and in Japan.

Samira Kirollos’ stories are notable for their simple style and attention to the smallest details, which is due to the serious research that underlies her performances in her charming and compelling stories.

The audience interacts with the resurrected characters in a realistic way, even though they may have lived four thousand years ago.

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