Stabbing Russia in the back will not benefit Armenia – Institute of Political Studies

BAKU, Azerbaijan, October 7. Stabbing Russia in the back will not benefit Armenia, director of the Institute for Political Studies Sergei Markov told Trend.

Markov made a remark about Yerevan’s consent to host the EU-France mission.

“The proposal to deploy the EU mission to Armenia and Azerbaijan was diplomatically rejected by Azerbaijan. The country said it would cooperate with the mission as needed. As for Armenia, the deployment of the EU-France mission in the country is considered a betrayal in Russia, since Pashinyan invites intelligence officers from France and other NATO countries to Armenia, which is a member of the Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). The act in question could lead to a cooling of relations between Russia and Armenia,” he said.

As noted by the political expert, Azerbaijan is making every effort to peacefully resolve the conflicts with Armenia and sign a peace agreement providing for the full recognition of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan by Armenia.

“The Azerbaijani leadership wants to take a step forward, as well as achieve the complete withdrawal of all Armenian armed formations and the full restoration of its statehood along Karabakh by peaceful means,” he added.

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