Netflix series boost urban tourism in France


Television series broadcast in France such as “Emily in Paris”, “Lupine” or “Marseille” stimulate tourism in the localities. The French news magazine L’Express reports that it attracts foreign viewers, especially in the highlights of the series.

In the capital, these are the locations of the cliché series “Emily in Paris”, in front of which tourists took serial selfies. A restaurant very frequented by the protagonist added an “Emily Menu” to the menu. And a bookstore often featured in the series is also happy to welcome new customers. And the interest will not weaken anytime soon: the shooting of a second season has just ended.

The popular series of crooks “Lupine” brings an unexpected increase in the number of visitors to the seaside resort of Etretat in Normandy with its chalk cliffs, since an important scenario took place there during the second season. Requests from foreign journalists and viewers have multiplied, said the spokesperson for the local tourist office, Éric Baudet, Express. “Even if we cannot quantify it, we cannot deny the impact that Netflix has had on Étretat.” Environmentalists warn, however, that the chalk cliffs and their surroundings are overcrowded with large numbers of visitors.

As L’Express writes, the port city still benefits today from the Netflix series “Marseille”, launched in 2016 and 2017. Even if the share of the series in the city’s tourist boom is not quantified, several foreign guests mentioned the series, said the director of the tourism and congress office, Maxime Tissot. There is also an additional positive side effect: Marseille also turned to other film and television productions – there were 441 days of filming in 2019.

A study carried out by the French Center for Cinema and Animated Image (CNF) in 2018 also shows that films can boost tourism. 74% of tourists who saw a movie or series shot in France said it had sparked the desire to travel to the country.


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