IT recruitment activity in the tech industry in France drops by 7.7% in March 2022

The French tech industry saw a 7.7% drop in hiring activity in the IT sector in March 2022 compared to the previous month, according to GlobalData’s Job Analytics database.

Overall industry hiring increased 2.18% in March 2022 compared to February 2022.

Of the total tech industry hiring activity, IT jobs claimed a 24.95% share in March 2022, down 3.6% from the average share of the past three months.

The top five job classifications in the tech industry’s IT recruitment activity in France as of March 2022

Out of the total number of job titles, the top five positions represented 100.44% of the overall IT recruitment activity of the French technology industry in March 2022.

1) Software and web developers, programmers and testers recorded a share of 70.51% in March 2022, registering a decrease of 33.67% compared to the previous month.

2) Database and network administrators and architects claimed a share of 12.95%, an increase of 22.68% from the previous month.

3) Miscellaneous IT occupations held a share of 12.62%, recording an increase of 13.73% from February 2022.

4) IT Support Specialists captured a 3.05% share, up 55.56% from the prior month.

Top 5 technology companies in IT recruitment activity in France in March 2022

The top five companies, in terms of number of jobs tracked by GlobalData, represented a combined average decline of 29.4% in overall IT recruitment activity for the French tech industry in March 2022 compared to February 2022.

Capgemini posted 188 IT jobs in March 2022 and recorded a decrease of 58.41% compared to the previous month. Devoteam with 139 IT jobs and Ubisoft Entertainment with 85 jobs, grew by 28.7% and 28.79% respectively, while Atos recorded a decline of 51.7% with 71 job vacancies in March 2022.

Junior-level job openings dominate in March 2022

Junior-level jobs held a share of 73.78%, down 27.8% from February 2022. Mid-level positions with a share of 15.67%, saw a decline of 17.71% compared to the previous month.

In third place were entry-level job vacancies with a 10.55% share, up 2.11% from February 2022.

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